Spotlight – Rane Wallin

Rane Wallin
Girls in Tech Phoenix/Galvanize Scholarship recipient Rane Wallin

Rane Wallin is the Girls in Tech Phoenix/Galvanize Scholarship recipient and we’re so grateful to be able to tell her story. We hope it will show young girls and women of all ages that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. Rane recently completed the Software Engineering Program at Galvanize and is now a Software Engineering Intern at Nordstrom, but her career hasn’t always been in IT.

She started as a Math tutor and during that time, she can remember constantly reminding women that they should forget the notion that they weren’t “math-oriented” or “good at math”. She thinks it’s important for young girls and women to be unapologetic and relentless in their pursuits in math, science, technology, and any other path they want to pursue.

Rane ended up getting into Tech by accident…she was a player in a video game and realized that once she reached a certain level, it gave her permissions to build out game areas. That ignited an interest and love for programming and development, and it has blossomed into a career! She started in Customer Service and has poured hours of her time into sharpening her technical skills, which has led her to her current role at Nordstrom.

That journey has not been without obstacles… while she’s very proud of how far she has come, it took her a while to get where she is. This is her 2nd career, so she wants other women to realize it’s never too late to get started and follow big career goals!

Rane mentioned that Girls in Tech has been a great experience for her because she’s been able to meet a lot of like-minded women and get support from them. She’s passionate about pay equality, equal opportunity and encouraging each other to dream big. In her free time, Rane loves to read, listen to audio books, hike, and fish. Specifically, she loves to shore fish and while she has never caught anything, she enjoys challenging herself and that is a perfect testament to who she is.

She highly encourages other women to get involved with GIT and take advantage of the resources and opportunities to network and meet other women, because you never know where it might lead you.

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