Charmaine is a fine art professional crossed over to developer. She is currently a developer with Symmetry Software.

Tell us about your first job in tech. Who did you work for, what was your role, and what excited you about the work you did?
Symmetry Software. I love building things.

Describe your job in technology today.
Full stack development GIS focus.

If there was point in your childhood when you first became interested in technology, describe that event or experience.
In my childhood I was interested in tech from a far. I was curious about technology from a periphery. Initially, I didn’t  get close to understanding it, because I didn’t think I was smart enough – it was traditionally introduced in a way in which I could not relate.

Who has been the most influential individual or mentor in your education or career and how did this person help advance your role in technology?
My development manager, Steve Meixner, he opened the first door for me. He let me learn and explore in many areas. He challenged my thinking. He believed in me!

What do you love most about working in the tech world?
Being able to make things and make things work. Engaging with very sharp people. It is all very gratifying and uplifting.

What do you believe is the biggest hurdle women face in pursuing a career in technology?

If you have ever experienced sexism as a female in technology, and you think others could learn from this experience, please describe what happened and how you responded.
Any issues I have are mine. I am not a victim. I have plenty of opportunities to show my counterparts they can or can’t count on me. I can or can’t handle certain things. The men in my circle are not close minded.

Who in the tech field motivates or inspires you and why?
The creative’s such as, Mike Bostok, the developer who made D3.  MPJ, the Fun Fun Function host.  Not forgetting, the guys who have endured and have lots of wisdom to impart such as, Uncle Bob, who wrote the book Clean Code.

If you could give advice to other girls in tech, what would it be?
Go for it! Persevere even if things seem foggy at best. It will totally empower you.

For more information on Charmaine Gurule, follow her on Twitter @charmaineart .

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