Aine Fitzgerald Coleman is one of 3 winners of the Girls in Tech Phoenix Computer Science Scholarship sponsored by Axosoft.

Check out our Q&A to learn more about Aine and how she plans to use her skills from the Bottega full stack developer program to build software for local government and nonprofit programs. Read more about Aine below!

Tell us about yourself in the format of a Tweet!

I am originally from NY & moved to AZ after graduating from college. I am creating a home for myself in Phoenix by participating in activities like soccer & rock climbing; attending local events; & pursuing learning + networking opportunities like those offered by Girls in Tech!

Short Bio:aine fitzgerald coleman

Currently I am the Communication and Community Outreach Administrator at the Arizona Multihousing Association. Around one year ago, I began studying web development online in my free time after work. I really liked what I was learning and realized that I wanted to continue to study computer science. I began looking for more learning opportunities and found the Girls in Tech Phoenix + Axosoft Computer Science Scholarship!

How did you hear about the scholarship opportunity?

I first learned about the scholarship opportunity on LinkedIn!

Do you have any tips for others completing scholarship applications?

I recommend that anyone interested in applying that experiences moments of doubt or feels that they should not continue on with the application for whatever reason, like fear that they are not qualified enough, should turn their fear into even greater motivation for completing the scholarship app. They should put 110% into writing the application because no matter what, by thinking through and articulating their responses to the questions, they are gaining a deeper understanding of their own interest in pursuing technology and desire to continue learning.

What part of the Bottega program are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to learning Python and creating MongoDB databases so that I can organize and manipulate data.

What do you hope to do in tech after you complete the program?

Using my technology skills, I would like design and develop software applications that can be integrated into local government and nonprofit programs and processes to ultimately improve services and create greater impact on the public good.

What first sparked your interest in tech?

My interest in technology and software engineering began in college and grew throughout my first two post-graduate jobs, when I frequently considered the ways in which I could improve my administrative work processes and create the software applications that I imagined by having stronger technology skills.

What is your favorite part of the Girls in Tech organization?

I have two favorite aspects of the Girls in Tech organization: 1) The events for students and kids because I believe that early STEM education can not only encourage students to pursue the field in the future, but can also spark creativity and help them build key problem solving skills. This early education and exposure is especially important for girls and those underrepresented in the current tech world. 2) Opportunities, like the Girls in Tech Phoenix + Axosoft Computer Science Scholarship, for women looking to enter the technology field or build upon their technology skills.

Thanks to Axosoft, this scholarship is possible! Axosoft launched the #ItWasNeverADress campaign in 2015 to ignite a conversation about women (or the lack thereof) in the tech industry. This scholarship is to help make the tech industry a more diverse and inclusive landscape. What does the #ItWasNeverADress movement mean to you?

To me, the #ItWasNeverADress movement aims to shed light on the lack of diversity in the tech industry, redefine society’s perception and understanding of who can be a part of the industry, and encourage and empower women to take risks and realize that they can not only be successful but also thrive and lead in the tech industry.

For more information about Aine, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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