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  • Posted: October 2, 2018
Since she can remember, Jamie Reardon has been fascinated by the stories that numbers tell. While majoring in finance at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business, she learned the importance of tracking returns on investments and the ability to review data in real time. A career in digital marketing, a field that combines analytics and storytelling, was a natural fit. Jamie has spent the last decade in San Francisco and Phoenix building out effective digital initiatives and driving results for some of the nation’s biggest brands, on both the client and the agency side. Through her experience, she has gained a comprehensive and intuitive knowledge of acquisition and retention marketing. While managing digital marketing for LifeLock, Jamie met Cristine Vieira and the idea for Find Your Influence was born as a result of a shared entrepreneurial spirit and desire to solve an industry pain point. In her spare time, Jamie enjoys meditation, a great book, and playing with her son.
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Tell us about your first job in tech. Who did you work for, what was your role, and what excited you about the work you did?
I started my career in San Francisco at CNET Networks, currently CBS Interactive, as an account coordinator. Within this role I was the primary point of contact for client inquiries and requests pertaining to their day-to-day advertising programs, with Sony and Microsoft being my main accounts. What got me excited everyday was the accountability around the numbers. Obviously advertising is really exciting but being able to see the results, because of my background in finance, I always liked the digital space because you had the ability to track to sales or engagement numbers.


Describe your job in technology today.
At Find Your Influence, we’ve created an end-to-end solution for influencer marketing. It provides brands from Fortune 500s to high-growth start-ups with access to influencers within various categories, channels and verticals. It is the closest thing to word-of-mouth-marketing, in my opinion. We have the ability to help brands access and connect with hundreds of thousands of influencers, track the success of their influencer campaigns with real time analytics, review all content created within one interface before it is published, all while providing transparency into campaign management. The beauty is that it is a two-way street. We are also able to help influencers connect with the brands that they know and trust. Oftentimes, they are already brand ambassadors for their products or services but the platform provides a vehicle for them to create sponsored content around these notable brands.


Who has been the most influential individual or mentor in your education or career and how did this person help advance your role in technology?
My dad, Mike, has been the most influential mentor throughout my career. He has a background in technology and was a Co-Founder himself, in the telecommunications space. He is very much an entrepreneur that had been through everything that we’ve been through at FYI (Find Your Influence) and more. Having the ability to go to him during those first days and talk through the business plan, operating agreements, the do’s and don’ts and what we really had to pay attention to was very helpful. Two of his biggest pieces of advice were to make sure you hire a really good law firm to create the formation of your business as well as ensuring that your CPA and accounting partner is someone that you trust and is reputable. He helped us to see the importance of establishing the right protocols from the beginning so you’re not cleaning up messes later. He’s the person that when anything comes up and I need a sounding board in terms of decisions or words of wisdom, he’s who I turn to.


If you have ever experienced sexism as a female in technology, and you think others could learn from this experience, please describe what happened and how you responded.
Access to capital, particularly for females, was a challenge we faced during our early years. We weren’t out playing golf and having beers with many investors that were providing that access. Over time though, that has changed. The views, in terms of women in tech, are advancing and we are thrilled to see the growth of the technology community in general here in the Valley.



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