The FREE hackathon event Aug 9-11 hosted by Girls in Tech PHX + McKesson will have several special guests in attendance. Our judges are influential leaders at McKesson and will have their eye out for new talent looking to join their teams, as well as leaders and founders of Arizona companies. Our mentors are local entrepreneurs, founders and professionals with diverse skills who will be standing by ready to jump in and help hackathon teams.

Curious about who’s going be there? Check out our list below!


Kathy McElligott, McKesson, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer

Kathy joined McKesson in July 2015 as Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Kathy is responsible for all technology initiatives within McKesson. She guides the overall technology direction for healthcare technology products, while providing support and guidance for application development processes company-wide. Previously, she spent 15 years with Emerson, where she served as CIO, and 22 years with General Electric, ultimately becoming CIO of supply chain for GE Aircraft Engines. Kathy holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in computer science from Kent State University and a Master’s in business management from Xavier University. More info on LinkedIn.

Paul Black, McKesson, VP Cybersecurity and Services

Paul is responsible for security architecture, engineering, operations, threat intelligence, and Identity Access Management. Paul has over 20 years experience in I.T. Operations and engineering across many areas of industry, including, Petrochemical, Technology, Finance and Internet sectors. More info on LinkedIn.

Giovanni Carpini Delli, McKesson Specialty Health, Sr. Director

Giovanni was born in Italy and grew up in the Bronx, NY. He has over 32 years of experience in the tech industry starting as a Systems Analyst and Software Developer gaining a diversified background designing, building Oracle business applications and telephony systems for education and insurance companies in Connecticut. While working in the insurance industry, he was fortunate to learn about leading-edge software development technology based on Object-Oriented Programming. He found his way to Arizona working for Oracle as a consultant and then landed job opportunity at McKesson in 1987. While at McKesson, he continued to build and design configurable business applications and moved onto management leading many major system migrations, upgrades, methodology paradigm shifts, frequent technology improvements, and reorganizations to accommodate rapid growth allowing McKesson to provide tremendous value to the healthcare industry for the benefit of patients. More info on LinkedIn.

Andy Zitney, McKesson, SVP Infrastructure Services

Andy is responsible for all aspects of infrastructure delivery and operations focused on modernizing the technology environments. Prior to McKesson, Andy was the SVP and CTO for Architecture, Infrastructure and Technology Innovation with Allstate Technology & Strategic Ventures. Andy has also worked at PayPal as their VP of Platform Engineering and Operations and worked at JP Morgan Chase, where he was CTO of corporate and commercial banking systems. Andy holds is a proud veteran of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne unit. More info on LinkedIn.

Leslie Pico, Pacific So West, Principal

Leslie is a former candidate for AZ Secretary of State and deep tech consultant. She is the Principal of Pacific So West, LLC a digital consultancy with notable blockchain clients such as Propy. Leslie has been the liaison between government agencies and the tech space, bridging the divide to make government services more accessible to the people. She believes that the cause of innovation is our ability to collaborate with a diverse team inclusive of women in leadership positions. She currently resides in downtown Phoenix with her husband, two young daughters and pups Bernie & Ruthie. More info on LinkedIn.

Michelle Tinsley, Tinsley Retail Insights, Founder

Michelle is the Founder of Tinsley Retail Insights – a consulting firm helping retailers drive actionable innovation. Formerly, Michelle served in a variety of roles over a 25+ year career at Intel. 18 years in finance with her last role as the mini “CFO” of what is today’s IoT business. She also served 6 years in general management/strategy roles and 6 months in sales. Outside of Intel, Michelle is an angel investor in the Arizona Technology Investors group. She serves on the BODs for QuikTrip, Aava Mobile Oy, and Innowi. More info on LinkedIn.

Ron Wince, Myndshft, Founder & CEO

Ron is the Founder of Myndshft, a company working at the intersection of blockchain and AI, and an accomplished start-up CEO with nearly two decades of experience. Wince started Myndshft with the mission to solve the world’s most complex problems through the pragmatic application of process automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies. His work has made him a highly sought-after speaker and advisor and has been a published contributor in Fortune, Forbes, Patient Safety and Quality, and Healthcare Executive among others. More info on LinkedIn.


Pascha Apter, Giant Voices, CEO

Pascha is Founder and CEO of Giant Voices, a strategic marketing firm located in Minnesota and Arizona. She is also the Founder of Giant Academy, an online education platform focused on helping entrepreneurs succeed. Pascha is fiercely-passionate about helping clients reach their financial, operational and marketing ambitions. An entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, Pascha helps clients scale their enterprise to achieve revenue growth through strategic and creative development and execution. She has a keen ability to identify, assess and close financial, educational and communication gaps for her clients. More info on LinkedIn.

Alan Claypool, Chief Information Officer, City of Goodyear

Alan is a Global Business Executive (CIO/CTO) who builds and leads high performing teams to maximize corporate value. He drives continuous business and culture transformation for improved service, cost reductions, higher performance, traction for initiatives, and increased stakeholder value. Alan is a natural leader and coach for senior management and peers. More info on LinkedIn.

Rebecca Clyde,, Co-Founder

Future thinking, goal-oriented and globally-minded marketing leader who drives business growth through creative and innovative communication strategies. Skilled at recognizing market trends, multi-cultural nuances and uncovering customer needs to develop highly-effective and targeted marketing campaigns. Passionate about advancing women in tech and pioneering AI-driven chatbot technology. Plus, she’s the Co-Managing Director at Girls in Tech Phoenix. More info on LinkedIn.

Carine Dieude, Altima Business Solutions, Partner

Carine is a Partner and Director of Strategy at Altima Business Solutions, an 18-year-old business startup who funds, coaches, mentors and support entrepreneurs and business owners. She contributes to startups, small and medium-sized businesses by poking and probing your business model to uncover gaps and provide answers before the mistakes. She has worked in five different countries, visited countless others and crossed a shark in her first dive. Plus, she’s the Mentorship Chair for Girls in Tech PHX. More info on LinkedIn.

Scott Ferreira, Sourcely, CTO

Dr. Pepper addict, world traveler, tech junkie, multipotentialite, Scott founded MySocialCloud (funded by Richard Branson & friends – acquired in 2013 by, Co-founded FreeBike Project (acquired in 2015 by Alt Terrain), Co-founded Forge Technologies with Talulah Musk, current CTO @ Sourcely, Inc. More info on LinkedIn.

John Fleckenstein, FleckenSmart Solutions, Principal

John has led many impactful initiatives for Fortune 500 companies as well as for small businesses. Utilizing his experience in conjunction with his Certified Coaching and Myers-Briggs Practitioner Certifications, he’s very successful at building strong relationships and cultivating them to drive change and arrive at winning solutions. More info on LinkedIn.

Cerila Gaillard, OYS, Project Management Development Consultant

Cerila (PMP, CSM) is an accomplished certified Project Manager. She is an intuitive leader with the ability to orchestrate successful business solutions and lead collaboratively. Her stellar performance and dedication helps to drive results within the solution framework. Her commitment is to prepare organizations to achieve success in every aspect of their business. More info on LinkedIn.

Elio Grieco, NumaSolutions, Co-Founder

Elio is Co-Founder of NumaSolutions. He’s an advocate for revolution in software, cyber security and education. More info on LinkedIn.

Bineeta Gupta, Intel, Data Scientist

Bineeta is a recent graduate from ASU and works as a Data Scientist at Intel. She has been to over 15 hackathons and will use that experience to help hackathon teams. More info on LinkedIn.

Christine Mann, Mann Consulting, President

Christine began her career in the defense industry and spent 25 years in corporate America, eventually being promoted to Vice President of a Change Management and Communications team for a finance organization serving more than 60K employees. What she learned on her journey is that she finds true satisfaction in facilitating growth for the people around her…and Mann Consulting was born. More info on LinkedIn.

Marissa McDonnell, FanSided, Support Specialist

Marissa has always loved to learn and solve puzzles, so when she discovered coding, she couldn’t be more at home with the ideas and languages. She has worked on many different courses over the last year and does some work at her current job with mostly front-end languages. She is proficient in WordPress and using backend languages such as PHP. More info on LinkedIn.

Faisal Naveed, Vibrant Healthcare, Co-Founder

As a Sales and Operations Executive, Faisal loves growing revenue, improving and redesigning inefficient processes and finding new opportunities for generating profit. He does it in an ethical, dependable, measurable and repeatable manner that creates sustainability and long-term success. More info on LinkedIn.

Jamie Nuzbach, Ideas Collide, Creative Director

Jamie has an extensive career in creative design, e-commerce and marketing with past experience working for major retail brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. She’s ready to jump in and help hackathon teams on all things marketing. More info on LinkedIn.

Ryan Quinn, BrightGuest, Founder & CEO

Ryan is Founder and CEO of BrightGuest, a tech startup based in Gilbert. BrightGuest is a marketing tech that delivers smart microsites through text messaging and social chat. He’s on StartupAZ Founder’s Collective and has been the MentorConnect Chair for PHX Startup Week since 2017. Ryan lives in Gilbert with his family and is passionate about mentoring and helping grow the local startup ecosystem. More info on LinkedIn.

Gail Ricketts, ON Semiconductor, Information Security & Risk Staff

Gail is highly qualified with accomplishments, including Masters in Business Administration (MBA); Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA); Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC). Her extensive professional and academic experience will make her a helpful mentor. More info on LinkedIn.

Vincent Serpico, Serpico DEV, CEO

Vincent has worked in software development for over 15 years. After graduating Cum Laude with honors from Florida International University with a degree in Computer Science, he began his career as a software engineer and progressed to VP of Product development at Flypaper and then Trivantis Corporation. Entrepreneurship is near and dear to Serpico’s heart. As such, after leaving Trivantis, Serpico started a near-shore software development company that specializes in early stage projects, where he can help entrepreneurs realize their vision. More info on LinkedIn.

JP Taxman, Plucky, CEO

JP is a user experience designer, graphic designer, photographer and accelerated learning expert. He enjoys meeting new people, loves Phoenix Arizona, and is heavily involved with #yesPHX, House of Genius and other local entrepreneur groups. More info on LinkedIn.

Neema Uthappa, McKesson, Director of Engineering

Neema’s biggest strengths are her agility and speed at which she crafts IT management/ERP solutions. Spanning IT governance and compliance, enterprise resource planning, product development, and risk management, she uses business intelligence and data analytics to define future objectives – and follows it up with carefully planned technology roadmaps that are not only aggressive in pace, but strategically designed to improve technical efficiency. More info on LinkedIn.