Lauren Witte


Lauren M. Witte serves as the Marketing + Communications Manager for the Arizona Technology Council, a private, not-for-profit technology trade association.

Joining the Council in November 2016, Lauren oversees the organization’s event promotions, member communications, email marketing, web development, advertisements and publications, graphic design, and social media. Lauren is responsible for facilitating 52 weekly Lunch and Learn events and 12 monthly Council Connect events each year.

Prior to joining the Council, Lauren held the position of Brand Manager for Scottsdale-based real estate development firm Deco Communities. Prior to that, she was the Associate Director of Marketing + Client Relations and the law firm, JacksonWhite in Mesa, AZ.  

She received Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Creative Writing: Nonfiction and Studio Art: Photography from the University of Redlands in Southern California, earning Departmental Honors in both disciplines and graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Lauren serves on the One Community Multicultural Advisory Board (MAB), is Co-Chair of the One Community Millennial Multicultural Advisory Board (MiMAB), and is the Partnership Co-Chair for the Phoenix Chapter of Girls in Tech. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her fiancé, Ian and their corgi, Conan.


Tell us about your first job in tech. Who did you work for, what was your role, and what excited you about the work you did?

I am currently working in my first job in tech, as the Marketing Director for the Arizona Technology Council. The aspect that most excited me about this position was immersing myself in the local technology community, one that I had formerly understood in a very limited scope. I have been fortunate to discover the incredible things Arizona companies are accomplishing in IoT, space technology and tourism, semiconductor manufacturing, cybersecurity, data storage, and so much more.


Describe your job in technology today.

I manage all marketing and communications for the Council; a large portion of my job is helping to share the stories of our amazing member companies through our newsletter, blog, social media, and other platforms. In 2018, we will be launching a podcast with Coplex to expand our content and make it more accessible to a larger audience.


If there was a point in your childhood when you first became interested in technology, describe that event or experience.

I’ve always been a big sci-tech nerd and have been fascinated by the possibilities science and technology enable in our society.


What do you love most about working in the tech world?

The tech world is comprised of some of the most interesting and driven people I’ve ever met; I love meeting new visionaries and learning from their perspectives.


What do you believe is the biggest hurdle women face in pursuing a career in technology?

The technology industry continues to be a male-dominated field, particularly in the c-suite, and many leaders seem to look the other way instead of facing this issue head-on. Until our entire community can admit there is a problem and agree to all be part of the solution, women will continue to face unfair judgment and discrimination from their peers.


If you could change one thing about your education or career path, what would it be?

I wish I had implemented more business classes into my college curriculum.


Who in the tech field inspires you and why?

Sheryl Sandburg has really changed the face of women in tech, and what it means to be a female leader. I really respect that she was open to balancing a woman’s professional career with her family life. Women are expected to be everything these days, and it’s OK to talk about how hard it is.


If you could give advice to other girls in tech, what would it be?

Encourage men to be part of the solution. Many of them don’t know they’re part of the problem, and women can be scared to vocalize their feelings for fear of coming off ‘emotional.’ We shouldn’t be afraid to let our peers know when their behavior is making us feel uncomfortable.




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