leslie dowdy

Q&A with Leslie Dowdy | Staff Design Engineer, Microchip Technology

Posted: 11.16.2018

Leslie got her electrical engineering degree at Georgia Tech, and moved to Phoenix for a job at Motorola. She has since spent 18 years in the field of semiconductors, and now works at Microchip as a design engineering manager and project lead in 32-bit microprocessor design. Tell us about your...

michelle rogers

Q&A with Michelle Rogers | Division Director, Verticalmove

Posted: 10.21.2018

Michelle is a proven leader who trains and mentors associates on how to recruit in technology. She has been working in the tech space since 2011, focusing on hiring for multiple levels of technology. Currently she is building a team in Phoenix which will be primary recruiting for SaaS...

cristine vieira

Q&A with Cristine Vieira | President + Co-Founder, Find Your Influence

Posted: 10.05.2018

Growing up, Cristine Vieira was always on the move as her family moved back and forth between Brazil and New Jersey. She settled in Tempe, Arizona where she earned a degree in marketing from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Her dream of a career in marketing...

jamie reardon

Q&A with Jamie Reardon | CEO + Co-Founder, Find Your Influence

Posted: 10.02.2018

Since she can remember, Jamie Reardon has been fascinated by the stories that numbers tell. While majoring in finance at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business, she learned the importance of tracking returns on investments and the ability to review data in real time. A career in...

Alexi Venneri

Q&A with Alexi Venneri | Co-Founder & CEO, Digital Air Strike

Posted: 09.07.2018

Alexi Venneri co-founded and is CEO of Digital Air Strike™, the award-winning social media intelligent messaging and digital engagement company that works with thousands of businesses in the United States and Canada, including seven of the top ten automotive manufacturers. Prior positions include President of Auto Media/Blue Flame 6...

sara stamas

Q&A with Sara Stamas | Director of Marketing, Axosoft

Posted: 08.31.2018

Sara Stamas (formerly Sara Breeding) is the Director of Marketing at Axosoft where she manages overall strategy and execution of marketing initiatives for two software products: Axosoft and GitKraken. She is also the co-creator of #ItWasNeverADress, a viral campaign fostering important conversations about diversity and inclusion in tech. Sara is...

Mandy Medsker

Q&A with Mandy Medsker, Director of Partnerships | BuzzBoard

Posted: 08.22.2018

Mandy Medsker is currently the Director of Partnerships at BuzzBoard. She oversees partnerships across the country and works closely with the corporate members of the largest media companies in the US. Before joining BuzzBoard, she was a digital sales manager with Tegna/12News in Phoenix. She oversaw the digital efforts...

Michelle Eichner Headshot

Q&A with Michelle Eichner | CEO & Co-Founder @ Digitile

Posted: 08.10.2018

Michelle Eichner is the Co-Founder and CEO of Digitile. She works with businesses to reduce the challenges employees have finding files. Eichner is a seasoned marketer and SaaS software veteran with a deep understanding of the marketplace. Her more than 25 years of in-depth B2B experience driving product marketing...

Q&A with Valerie Cimarossa | Chief of Staff @ UAT

Posted: 08.03.2018

Valerie Cimarossa is a higher education technology professional. Through her work and education, she has developed a strong focus on leadership, technology and efficiency, plus she's a Mom to a beautiful yet persnickety Dalmatian. Valerie (Val) is one to watch in Phoenix’s up-and-coming women in tech. A Valley Leadership...

Jennifer Clark Powell

Q&A with Jennifer Clark Powell

Posted: 07.20.2018

Jennifer Clark Powell is a Computer Forensics Specialist at American Express. She loves computers and found her niche in forensics. She originally planned on getting into graphic design in college, but felt it wasn’t a challenge she truly enjoyed. She changed her major her junior year to Information Technology and took...