Global Female Leader Brings Communications Workshop to Girls in Tech Phoenix

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  • Posted: February 26, 2018


Elizabeth Hart is the Chief Administration Officer (CAO) at Trax Technologies. Prior to joining Trax, Elizabeth spent five years at Bloomberg LP in a variety of roles, including recruiting and HR Business Partnership in New York, Hong Kong, and Washington, DC. Elizabeth was most recently the Chief of Staff at Bloomberg Government (BGOV) and a member of the BGOV leadership team. She started her career at Robert Half International as a recruiter and holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Mary Washington.

As the Chief Administration Officer (CAO) at Trax Technologies, Elizabeth Hart excels in effective business communication. Not only is this global female leader a professional communicator, but she also began the Communication Foundations Workshop to encourage others to think critically about communication. Effective communication has been linked to achieving success in life, making it a skill that technologists and entrepreneurs should develop to their advantage.

Hart will present her workshop through Girls in Tech Phoenix to share her experiences on what effective communication looks like, in addition to tips for improving communication and collaboration with others. These insights will help attendees create a culture of open and impactful communication within their own lives and organizations.


Clarity is key

Because Hart interacts with people around the world, she recognizes the importance clarity has on international business communication. Communicating with people both internally and externally requires messages to be adjusted across regions to ensure consistency in matters being discussed. The world is constantly evolving, and communicators must evolve with it.

In her role, Hart communicates with clarity by developing a mutual understanding with Trax employees. She also considers which communication vehicles would be most successful in various situations and strives for cross-cultural understanding.


Communication can never be fully mastered

Instead of a skill that can be perfected, Hart believes communication requires consistent thought and effort. Communication is an art that must always be refined, as businesses and communities are growing and changing every day. Hart is dedicated to keeping her skills sharp and does so by working with a communications coach each month.

Although she believes communication can never be fully mastered, Hart feels it can always be improved. Her workshop–layered with examples and storytelling to aid in remembering best practices–provides attendees with an interactive experience. In addition to her Communication Foundations Workshop, Hart has developed other initiatives for professionals to refine their skills even further, including an additional workshop geared toward helping women communicate with confidence. Hart also provides training in presentation skills, negotiation, email writing, and delivering/receiving feedback to remind people of the importance of communication.

Risk-taking and mentorship are also beneficial

Hart encourages women of all ages interested in technology and entrepreneurship to not deter themselves from raising their hands and speaking up at meetings, as learning and growth is always possible. Embracing risk is essential, and Hart feels it has helped her achieve professional success. Hart also believes she wouldn’t be where she is today without her mentors, noting that mentors don’t always need to be senior individuals but can also be peers and new hires. When it comes to mentorship, seniority doesn’t determine what can be learned from someone.

Whether you are a student or employee working in any type of organization, you can’t afford to miss the opportunity to learn from this global communications professional.

To learn more about Elizabeth Hart, find her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitterat @ECoughlin1. Be sure to register for the Phoenix Girls in Tech email newsletterat

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